Foto 10.09.16, 22 58 45Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 16

Look at these two sisters. This is Porto’s Alma and the sad girl from Mainz. Finally, I can talk about their relatedness because probably their creators don’t even know about the other. It’s like two twin sisters separated after birth. This is so horrible but here on this picture they find one another. So let me introduce them to each other. Dear Alma, this is “sad girl” from my home town Mainz. Minha terra Mainz. Sad girl is called “Trauriges Mädchen” because it always looks very sad but always in a beautiful way. Although sad girl has a face, she has one identity which is always similar. The changes are noticeable in her beautiful hair or her dress. She has this amazingly beautiful face, a straight nose and nice eyes that always seem to be sad about something. You have to know about sad girl that she is really happy in her sadness, calm and rooted in her existence in Mainz. Like you, she prefers to be on the byroads of the city. She is the conscience of the city, its guardian and she carries its people’s sadness. Sad girl always gave me hope when wandering around searching for the meaning of life. Sometimes, sad girl sometimes painted like a Madonna just like you, Alma. But she doesn’t focus on religion as much as you do. Sad girl has a bird and a balloon as friends and is linked to a graffiti crew called BWOL. In effect, sad girl is strongly connected to the last two letters “OL” because they stand for “one love”. You will find this theme of “one love” near a heart on her chest or the word “love” written next to her. She really represents this “one love” that I feel towards graffiti and street art. It is my love for art, for urbanism and graffiti in one. So now let me introduce you, Alma, to sad girl. Dear trauriges Mädchen, this is Alma. She is the soul of the city of Porto in Portugal. Soul in Portuguese is “alma”; my reason for calling her Alma also a German name. Alma’s face is always left blank but you have to know that it is only blank to the observer not looking with his third eye. Alma’s face wants to be completed with your imagination, your ideas, your hopes, your fears, your dreams and your sorrows. She wants you to become a Flâneur in the city similar to your desires for Mainz and she wants you to discover Porto’s true identity which you only will find by climbing the hills to look for Alma herself. She wants you to find yourself while searching her out. She talks about freedom of religion and says that you will find spirituality in urbanism if only you are willing to open your third eye. She does not like holy statues covered in gold and placed in a touristic spots dotted all over the city. She prefers the byroads just like you do and she says that one will find holiness in the poor areas of a city. Hazul is the creator of Alma but these words do not come from him. Alma and sad girl both talked to me directly and I really thank them for it. I would love for you two to meet because you genuinely are twin sisters by appearance and soul sisters by interpretation. But because you two are bonded to your cities, you will probably never meet. Then again, if you did, please let me know. Until then, you will live next to each other in my throw-up-poetry and please be sure about this one last fact: In my heart, both of you live embraced next to each other just like these sisters in this picture.