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Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 9

So this Throw Up is going to be about football. I hope I am not going to lose any German readers, so I shout it out right at the beginning: I support Portugal. Of course, I was also rooting for Germany and it was really cool when they won the world cup in 2014. But I remember watching one game in the European Championship 2012, a first round encounter between Portugal and Germany. I was watching the game at a German club and I was the only person carrying a Portuguese flag. Of course, I did this to provoke the situation because everybody could see that I was German. So I kind of made up this joke about doing it for sociological research. And I genuinely made great observations. Everybody was nice but more because they were kind of ignoring the fact that a German woman was holding up a Portuguese flag.

Only one out of thousands commented on my presence with the words: “Just because of Ronaldo”, and I think I sensed some jealousy. Then when Germany won 1:0 and I was still holding my flag, everybody pitied me in a really sweet and friendly way, taking the opportunity to communicate with me. But I kind of had the feeling, had Portugal won, it would have been very different. My friends who knew my kind of foreign patriotism for Portugal kept asking me, but why don’t you support Germany? I replied that Germany has a strong economy and Portugal has football and it really needs some confidence now in times of crises. And it is certainly true, every boy born in Portugal starts playing football early, following his father by supporting a team like Sporting, Benfica or FC Porto or whichever. I am not a big fan of football at all, but when it comes to Portugal, I kind of feel a strong affiliation to it. And I love watching bigger matches like the world cup or the European championships because it can really be fascinating and full of suspense. So can you imagine how I felt when they won in 2016? It was just amazing and please don’t laugh about me, but I sensed that they were winning just like I sensed they lost in previous years. It was the manager’s special style that I liked. It was in some way discreet and careful, which I like. But I think Germans criticized the style as being defensive. I prefer that to aggressiveness but that’s maybe just me. So what really kept this whole finale so wonderful was the fact that they won the game without Ronaldo. It was just so arrogant of him trying to keep going although he was injured. And then this little moth sat on his face as he lay on the ground just like saying, its ok that you have to go that is your fate and it was whispering “tudo vai correr bem” – everything is going to be alright. That was just nice and then they won this match and it was just amazing to see them growing as a team. Portugal really deserved to win this championship and I hope this will empower them. Forca Portugal!