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Twittoetry 2018

15.12.2018:       Wer sind wir ohne die Geschichten und Zeugnisse unserer Vorfahren? Noten ohne passende Harmonie. Für Christiane Dubuque
11.12.2018:       How do they get the energy to do this every year all over again? And who are they? Weiterlesen

Twittoetry 2017

01.01.2017: wie eine Rakete explodieren
02.01.2017: By finding you, I found me, I found a spirit humming the same melody as my soul (Streetart Stories Porto’s Alma)
03.01.2017: Hosenrolle
05.01.2017: Und dann das berühmte Zucken im Bein
07.01.2017: Wake Up Call
08.01.2017: „Ich komm zu dir nach Hause“, flüsterte er und ließ vom Leben
09.01.2017: There is something divine about you
10.01.2017: sad eyes
11.01.2017: Bilder meines Innersten verfolgen mich
12.01.2017: Kreis, lauf!
13.01.2017: Soul, who am I? Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Alma1Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 18

I told you this will be a cycle. And I didn’t forced it. I started in Rua das Flores where I first encountered you. Then I climbed up the hill, searching for you in the lesser known little streets which were not frequented by tourist. I was searching for you, like I was searching for me. Maybe, it is true and just because I am searching for balance and the circle of life, I see it everywhere. But does this mean it is not real? Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 11.09.16, 12 30 40Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 17

Can you see it now? How I am part of a huge cosmos? Stars and planets surround me, element after element, weaving some bigger reason I don’t always understand. The stars, my orientation, ancestors of seafaring man emanate to conquer the world, re-migrate to save their own. This little Portuguese world, oh golden age, oh nation of seamen, all noted down by the great Luiz Camoes. Where are you now? Are we really over it? Are we living in postcolonial times? There is so much colonial in postcolonial. Let us work on this term lusophone! Let’s make it a practice, not a theory. Angola, Mozambique, Cap Verde, Brazil, São Tomé et Príncipe – I am calling out for you! Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 10.09.16, 22 58 45Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 16

Look at these two sisters. This is Porto’s Alma and the sad girl from Mainz. Finally, I can talk about their relatedness because probably their creators don’t even know about the other. It’s like two twin sisters separated after birth. This is so horrible but here on this picture they find one another. So let me introduce them to each other. Dear Alma, this is “sad girl” from my home town Mainz. Minha terra Mainz. Sad girl is called “Trauriges Mädchen” because it always looks very sad but always in a beautiful way. Although sad girl has a face, she has one identity which is always similar. Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 11.09.16, 12 30 27Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 15

In the last few month all my thoughts have been with the family that has lost its father. I kind of grew up with this family because our mothers have been best friends for about fifty years. So they fell pregnant at around the same time and we kids use to hang out together and went on holidays together. I have so many beautiful childhood memories and still count them among my friends. The girl of my age and I are particularly close not only because we used to play together when we were kids. What keeps us together more than anything else is talking about our mothers and the importance of their friendship in our lives. Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 10.09.16, 22 58 30Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 14

Why is this picture of you in black and white? Is it just a throw up, a sketch, unfinished? Did the police catch you? I know what you do is illegal. I mean the spray act. Did you know that I have observed the spray act as part of my scientific research? I do and it is a lot of fun. Well graffiti is my #one love. The thing I love about it is that it is never just black and white, neither good nor bad. Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 10.09.16, 19 17 06Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 13

The big fist died. Like forever I have been wanting to publish a book, just so that he could see his name living on. I told him about my blog, I showed him my Logo and I explained to him that it contains elements of music. One “f” denotes the “forte” sign as on musical notation and the circle around it is inspired by an old type vinyl. I told him I would adopt his name, as my writing pseudonym. This is because I have already used my real name for my singing career. I have always needed this separation between names and identities. My whole life has been marked by this identity crises as to the type of art I should follow. And this is something I had in common with the big fist. Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories

Foto 09.09.16, 18 55 20Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 12

Look at this beautiful old telephone box its wall on which I am leaning on right now. It really makes me an artifact of a museum, don’t you think? It is a little bit sad though, that people are not used to calling people inside this phone cell anymore. I would love to listen to phone conversations, hidden love stories or spy adventures or something of that sort. But people who use this cell mostly just lost or forgot their mobile phones, so the conversations are on the short side and boring. “Where are you, I am here, could you stop by, I will stop by”; that is about the gist of it so far. And yet, I am waiting for this romantic love story, were this amorous young poor boy with no mobile phone and no phone at home is trying to call his love repeatedly, leaving beautiful tales of love on his chosen one’s answering machine. Weiterlesen

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