Foto 11.09.16, 12 56 49

Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 8

Now that you climbed up the hill, do you see? Surely you did enjoy the wonderful view which the Portuguese call a “miradouro”. But did you really look, did you really see? Have you not noticed the drawing in the middle of my face? We have already talked about my blank face, only empty to those not observing with their third eye. And here, here on top of the hill my sprayer drafted this third eye and it proves that this is the reason for my hidden identity. It’s not about who I am, nor who the creator, the sprayer of the piece might be, nor about you Alma. It’s about what you see in her, it’s about the city of Porto and its heart, it’s about the true urban soul. Show me your urban soul, Porto’s Alma is showing you the soul from Porto. Next to me you can see diamonds and if you look closely you can see my face hidden in the clasps of a jewelry case. And that’s really how you should treat it. Your ability to see is a gift you have to treasure. So now that you have found me, on the top of the mountain, meaning the climax of these stories, go to the miradouro and cast your eye over the city with your third eye. You won’t see the abandoned houses as a bad thing anymore; you won’t see the poor areas contrasting the rich. You will see a profound meaning of a city, you will see that all these things are part of a whole that the good things only find their deeper meaning next to the bad, that it’s all in a balance of black and white round lines swinging vibration palpable in your veins. You will find Yin and Yang in my figure, in the city, in yourself. You’ve been a flâneur of the city and Alma has accompanied you all the way, now it is for you to stand still. Don’t move, wanderer! Rest, commuter! You will never find what you are searching for while moving. Have you not noticed? Have you not felt it yet? It is inside you, it’s your quiet, it’s your calm. Fica com calma. Stay calm. Stop trying to get – or become – just be! The world around you wants to be seen with deep meaning. Be lucky and laugh because life wants you to be happy but don’t forget to cry, to be sad or angry some time. Life wants your profound and honest emotions, it sucks, you are right, but imagine life without it. Good things wouldn’t mean a thing.