Foto 11.09.16, 12 41 09Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 5

So these red ornaments really look like drawings of a Hindu god. Especially the circular decorations surrounding the head or the red spot on the forehead lead me to associate this piece with Hinduism. I think they call this spot “Bindi” and it is located at the position of the third eye. At the top of the hill, I want to write more about this important space in the face as, in the main, it is this very issue robbing me of my sleep at night. It sometimes hurts so much and only heals when I let my energy flow creatively. So I belief it must be some kind of energy point. I really want to study the seven chakren more; they denote different energy spots on the body. I fear mixing up Hinduism, Buddhism and even Yoga and it grieves me. I remember learning something at school about these things but now I feel ashamed of not being able to tell you more about it. Let me just say, it is important to be open minded. My drawings proof that I am open minded about my religion. I mentioned it earlier; sometimes one could interpret me as a Christian, once a Muslim and another time a Hindu. And this is really my message. Be religious, think about religion, think about meaning, think about the world, think about your existence in this world and try to make it matter. Conservative people would argue that one is not allowed to mix up every religion and that one cannot sort of pick out the good things from one tradition without the aggravating bits. That makes sense to me as well. But there is so much we can learn about us, our body our mind by studying different religions. Especially concerning body practices, western culture totally unlearned everything. Instead of actually moving their bodies, they take pills against backache, run to the doctor with the slightest rise in body temperature and, similar to the transmission of culture and religion, they failed to teach the younger generation basic knowledge. So anyway I might be a Hindu god. But I don’t want you to worship me. I am no replacement divine being. I am your memory of religion, your spirituality, your knowledge of life. Turn towards religion again and you will find more answers than science or luxury can ever provide. I am no fundamentalist and I think that science and belief in God don’t contradict themselves. But no matter whether you are religious or atheist, through religion you can learn something about your culture, your body and your soul and all of these things seem to be lost in urban life.