Alma1Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 18

I told you this will be a cycle. And I didn’t forced it. I started in Rua das Flores where I first encountered you. Then I climbed up the hill, searching for you in the lesser known little streets which were not frequented by tourist. I was searching for you, like I was searching for me. Maybe, it is true and just because I am searching for balance and the circle of life, I see it everywhere. But does this mean it is not real? Does this circle only exist in my imagination, a reflection of my hope of finding some deeper meaning? I did not set out to find this last picture in the exact same street where I found the first. My journey started where it ended. And this came as a complete surprise. I am writing streetart stories which is why I always take pictures of streetart but I would never have imagined to find the twin sister of Trauriges Mädchen. And where did I find her? I found Alma in Portugal, my second home, which I always call the melody of my soul. I found my reason for being me. I am a writer. And even if no one knows it yet, and even I can still not answer this question “what do you do for a living?” honestly, my heart knows. I am writing. Ergo, I am a writer. And this is what you showed me, Alma. By searching you out, I was searching for me, by following you, I followed me, by finding you, I found me, by getting to know who you are, I got to know who I am. Thank you, Alma! Thank you Hazul for painting her and for allowing her to roam. I hope you are not mad at me for using your art to find my inner peace. I hope you like the name Alma; I kind of baptized her in a religious way, without having a particular religion in mind. I hope you’re ok with it. The art you created is free now and I hope you can let it go. Maybe it will travel to Germany one day? I would love to see them together, the sad girl from Mainz and Porto’s Alma. I think they are twins. It is not about copying or stealing ideas. They both prove that art surrounds us like the air we breathe. We are inspired because we feel that there is something in the air. And this is why two people create something so similar at the same time, without being aware of each other. They are twins of inspiration, created from the spirit of time. Thank you for your existence, it helps me to reflect on my self. Maybe one day I will find another twin and with your triplet, the trinity of this picture will be perfect. But until then, I won’t force my search. Everything will happen in its own time, one only has to trust and it will come to pass. What is left for me to say is thank you! It wasn’t only you I found. By finding you, I found me, I found some spirit that has been humming the same melody as my soul.