Foto 10.09.16, 22 58 30Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 14

Why is this picture of you in black and white? Is it just a throw up, a sketch, unfinished? Did the police catch you? I know what you do is illegal. I mean the spray act. Did you know that I have observed the spray act as part of my scientific research? I do and it is a lot of fun. Well graffiti is my #one love. The thing I love about it is that it is never just black and white, neither good nor bad. It is illegal, and in some areas, I can understand that, but one should never look at it as an act of vandalism. What I love most about this art is the time in which it appears. Sometimes I get so scared of already having lived through all the conceivable art going in this world. What if one day, there is no new type genre, to discover, to invent, to practice? And artist will circulate in Retromania and we will be condemned to it forever? Funny that I am the one talking about it. Isn’t it my work on this blog constantly focusing on a cycle? The “Winterreise Reloaded” was based on the Schubert cycle and also the story collection “Trauriges Mädchen” about Mainz was structured as a cycle. Maybe it is the circle of life that fascinates me so much. Are these Streetart Stories about Alma’s Porto by the street artist Hazul, a cycle as well? When I was walking up and down the hills of Porto, I felt like a single part of one round piece. And the street in which I discovered Alma, was the street on which I descended the hill. So while discovering Alma in Porto, there was this circle and interpreting you cannot hide the fact that there is this cyclical aspect about you. The cycle is in your yin and yang, your spirituality, your fluent style, and in your soul, Alma. You are not black and white because you are not just good or just bad. In you, the balance rules. There are these shabby parts of you that almost look stylish. There are these perfectly round parts about you that always lead into something new. You had no time to finish this Throw Up because you are the beginning and the end in one. Please leave me unfinished like this, just so that I can grow into perfection.