Foto 09.09.16, 18 55 20Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 12

Look at this beautiful old telephone box its wall on which I am leaning on right now. It really makes me an artifact of a museum, don’t you think? It is a little bit sad though, that people are not used to calling people inside this phone cell anymore. I would love to listen to phone conversations, hidden love stories or spy adventures or something of that sort. But people who use this cell mostly just lost or forgot their mobile phones, so the conversations are on the short side and boring. “Where are you, I am here, could you stop by, I will stop by”; that is about the gist of it so far. And yet, I am waiting for this romantic love story, were this amorous young poor boy with no mobile phone and no phone at home is trying to call his love repeatedly, leaving beautiful tales of love on his chosen one’s answering machine. Weiterlesen