Monat: Februar 2017

Streetart Stories

Foto 11.09.16, 12 56 49

Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 8

Now that you climbed up the hill, do you see? Surely you did enjoy the wonderful view which the Portuguese call a “miradouro”. But did you really look, did you really see? Have you not noticed the drawing in the middle of my face? We have already talked about my blank face, only empty to those not observing with their third eye. And here, here on top of the hill my sprayer drafted this third eye and it proves that this is the reason for my hidden identity. It’s not about who I am, nor who the creator, the sprayer of the piece might be, nor about you Alma. It’s about what you see in her, it’s about the city of Porto and its heart, it’s about the true urban soul. Weiterlesen

Streetart Stories Hazul

Foto 11.09.16, 13 00 31Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 7

I feel like I cannot hide my religiosity any longer. I am so scared to admit being religious. I think this is because religion is only associated with extremism nowadays. But I am in no way fanatic about religion, please belief that! I carry my religion deep inside my heart and I don’t like boasting about it. I hate it when people use their religion to present themselves as a better person or when they use it to do bad things. It seems that the mere mention of being Catholic moves people to blaming you for priests’ horrible crime of violation. Then I feel so disturbed, hurt and sad because my religion has caused so much damage which makes me wanting to keep it hidden. I heard that Muslims have a similar problem


Streetart Stories Hazul

Foto 11.09.16, 12 28 19Sprayer: Hazul
Writer: CfFaust

Porto’s Alma 6

It is your crown which reminds me of Fatima and I am pretty sure that you symbolize her here. I have been to Fátima the place of pilgrimage and it was a really inspiring visit. I visited with people from the church, I mean really old nuns from a catholic convent in Lisbon. This was absolutely strange because they were thirty years my senior and I felt like there grandchild because I really have this strong connection with them. I remember sitting next to one nun whose mobile phone was ringing during the church service and everybody was looking at me. It is so silly of me away associate this story with Fatima to straight. So let me dig deeper. Weiterlesen

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